What we didn't get from Apple's iPad Pro event

There were new iPad Pros, a new MacBook Air and a new Mac Mini, but there were also a bunch of things missing. Bummer.

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Magnets, see? They're the future! 

Apple/Screenshot by Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

Apple's second fall event is in the books and there were plenty of announcements. The iPad Pro moved to a nearly all-screen design. The MacBook Air and Mac Mini both got much-needed updates. There was also lots of talk about the Apple Store that may not seem as exciting, but gives Apple a leg up as it educates its customers on how to use its products. 

All that being said, there are a bunch of things that were not mentioned at the event.

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No preview of new Mac Pro or new displays

When Apple showed off the new Mac Mini, it seemed to understand that the little computer's role has changed over time. It used to be the low-cost model that would get people to switch from PCs to Macs. That's no longer the case. Phones are people's computers now and that's where Apple spends the most time and effort. The Mac Mini got a price increase with a starting price of $799 (£799, AU$1,249), with mentions about pro users aplenty during the presentation. 

However, the Mini was the only desktop that got a revision this time -- an expected spec update for  iMacs never materialized, for instance -- and many of them are still using spinning hard drives in their base configurations. 

More importantly, we received no update on the status of the Mac Pro, which has remained frozen in its existing 2013 thermal-challenged design. Yes, Apple had already confirmed that it coming in 2019 -- along with new professional displays -- but it would've been nice to get a preview or a reminder that it was still on the drawing board. Anyone considering buying a fully specced-out Mac Mini for upwards of $4,000 should keep that in mind. 

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No new AirPods

Apple's truly wireless headphones are almost two years old and have not seen any formal revisions yet. Yes, they still look like someone stuck cigarettes in their ears. However, the sight is no longer as jarring (even though they're still silly). There was no mention of AirPods during the event, even though Apple sorta-kinda revealed them in a video back at the September iPhone event. Meanwhile, the current models are listed as an accessory for the iPad Pro. Speaking of which...

No headphone jack on iPad Pro

The iPad Pro got a new, modern design that makes it look more like the latest iPhones. It also got tons of performance increases on the inside, with Apple happily showing off its gaming and pro app prowess. Unfortunately, there was no mention of a deleted feature -- the headphone jack

The iPad Pro is a large device. There's no need to make it thinner and thinner to fit into your pocket. But, for whatever reason, the headphone jack got booted from the Pro. At least it hung around on the MacBook Air. Oh yeah, there's no included USB-C to standard headphone jack adapter in the box of the iPad Pro. You'll have to pay nine bucks for one. 

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No price breaks on Macs

When Apple introduces revisions to its computers, the prices tend to stay relatively close to the previous year. You'd get more performance for the same amount of money. This year we got new a new Mac Mini and a new MacBook Air with new prices that start higher than previous models. The pricing seems to stay relatively consistent with iPads and iPhones, which is another sign of the state of Apple's business. Desktops and laptops are not as important as getting iOS devices in the hands of people for Apple. 

Where is AirPower?

Remember AirPower? No? Well, that could be because since Apple introduced the concept in September last year, the company has stayed quiet about its wireless charging device. We did see wireless charging in the iPad Pro being able to power up the new Apple Pencil . Maybe Apple recycled some of its AirPower ideas into the iPad Pro?

Yes, Apple can't just rev everything at once. Maybe we should all be patient. No, wait. That's crazy. Update all the things. Now.

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