Survive Alien Day with this essential extraterrestrial gear (pictures)

It's Alien Day and you're going to need a few tools to make it through. We've got an M41-A pulse rifle, a pair of Ripley boots and some facehugger cookies in case you get hungry during battle.

Amanda Kooser
1 of 10 NECA

Here's your life-size Xenomorph egg

April 26 is Alien Day thanks to the moon LV-426 from the "Alien" film franchise where our heroes stumble across a clutch of deadly alien creatures. The best way to celebrate is by strapping on a facehugger corset, settling your feet into Ripley's kicks and roasting marshmallows with a Xenomorph fire pit.

Relive the sheer terror of facehugger birth in the comfort of your own home with this life-size glowing Xenomorph egg from toymaker NECA. The flaps hide wires inside, so you can open or close the egg at your leisure. LED lights give it an otherworldly glow. You will need to provide your own screams.

2 of 10 Mondo/Middle of Beyond

Facehugger ski mask

Don't worry, everyone will be able to hear you scream after you put on this facehugger ski mask from Mondo and Middle of Beyond. This is cold-weather apparel at its most frightening. The knit acrylic headgear gives you the luxury of two eye holes to see through the facehugger design on the outside. Make your next ski vacation a trip into the hell of an alien world.

3 of 10 Christine McConnell

Xenomorph cookies won't bite back

Baker Christine McConnell sure knows how to bring a sense of primal fear into her creations. One look at this "Alien" facehugger cookie, and you will want to flee to the comfort of a less-aggressive cookie, like an Oreo. If you do manage to take a bite, you will enjoy the biscotti-like snack.

4 of 10 rdt156/Reddit

Baby Ripley in a Power Loader

An "Aliens"-loving dad created this oversized Halloween costume to take his baby trick-or-treating in style. The Power Loader outfit puts the tyke in the center of the chest, which probably made this baby's first cosplay. The cleverly designed costume is built to come apart quickly in case the kid needs a diaper change.

5 of 10 Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Stomp some aliens

Ellen Ripley rocked some serious space-fashion. She sported a stylin' set of high-top boot/shoe footwear during her alien-fighting adventures. In honor of Alien Day, Reebok is releasing the white, red and gray Alien Stompers so fans can wrap their feet in Ripley-tribute glory.

6 of 10 Rage Custom Creations

Facehugger corset is snug

Facehuggers get their nicknames from the fact that they like to latch onto people's faces in the most horrifying way possible. It's better to keep them at a safe distance from your kisser, which this facehugger corset accomplishes. It comes from Rage Custom Creations and will really make an impression at space-prom.

7 of 10 Neil Goldsmith

Eviscerated Bishop decor

Bishop had a hard time of it in "Aliens." The "artificial person" suffered a pretty unkind fate. Artist Neil Goldsmith paid tribute with this delightfully icky silicone model of Bishop post-evisceration. It's a good reminder not to mess with the Alien Queen.

8 of 10 Burned by Design

Fire up your Xenomorph

What's scarier than a Xenomorph with a little Xenomorph head popping out of its mouth? A Xenomorph with a little Xenomorph head popping out that's also on fire. This Alien Wood Burner from UK wood-stove builders Burned by Design is a showstopper. It will put a fright into your helpless marshmallows.

9 of 10 Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Protect yourself with a pulse rifle

You never want to go up against an angry alien horde empty-handed. Make sure to take this prop M41-A pulse rifle with you into battle. It's the creation of YouTube show "DIY Prop Shop." The build started with a plastic toy gun and transformed into the final piece through the clever use of glue, tape, screws, paint and PVC pipe.

10 of 10 Seiko

Watch this, Ripley

This image shows Seiko's SCED035 watch on the left and an original 7A28-7000 watch on the right. It's okay if you don't know what they're doing in a gallery about Alien Day since it's a bit obscure. The 7A28-7000 was worn by Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens." The SCED035 is Seiko's reissue of the original watch. You might not survive the alien onslaught, but at least you'll know exactly what time they attacked.

Now that you're all geared up for Alien Day, be sure to test your knowledge against our "Aliens" quiz.

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