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Baby Ripley drives 'Aliens' Power Loader costume for Halloween

A handy dad fashions an "Aliens" Power Loader costume with his baby handling Ripley duties from a Baby Bjorn inside the roll cage.

Work Loader costume
Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

It's important to prepare your baby for a life of geekiness at an early age. Halloween is a great opportunity for this, especially if you have the skills to build a Power Loader costume from "Aliens" with your baby standing in as Ripley.

Awesome dad Jason Smith did just that. It took him two nights and a day to put the large and elaborate costume together out of cardboard boxes and hot melt glue. His little daughter is safely strapped into a Baby Bjorn with a roll cage for added protection. There's even a rotating light on top.

Smith really thought out the safety aspects of the costume. All of it can be quickly shed should he need to attend to an emergency diaper change or mop up a spit-up.

Though the costume looks convincing, it only weighs about 10 pounds, not including the baby. This should be enough to strike fear into any alien creatures that decide to invade Earth this Halloween. Even better, Smith will have some great baby photos to share with his little girl's first prom date when she reaches high school.

(Via Huffington Post)