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Facehugger corset just wants to cuddle your midsection

Get your "Alien" on with a Facehugger fashion statement that wraps its otherworldly legs around your body.

Facehugger corset
I guess that makes this a Torsohugger.
Rage Custom Creations

Few science fiction creatures are as misunderstood as the Facehugger monster from the "Alien" movies. It really just wants to hug your head and impregnate you with its horrific offspring. What's so wrong about that?

You can show your sensitivity to the plight of the Facehugger with a custom corset from prop and costume maker Rage Custom Creations. The Facehugger corset misses the face mark a little bit, but makes up for it by lovingly grasping your midsection and chest.

The $250 vinyl corset can be customized with just about any paint job. Rage Custom Creations has even received an inquiry on adding a Hello Kitty image to the creation. A wire built into the tail lets you fit it to your waist.

The Facehugger corset is no doubt bound for multiple appearances at the next Comic-Con. It would also make a real fashion-forward statement for your next job interview, provided you're applying for work on a Ridley Scott movie.

Perhaps Rage Custom Creations will consider making a men's version. Facehugger boxer briefs, anyone?

(Via Kotaku)