This eviscerated Bishop from 'Aliens' really ties the room together

Everyone could use a synthetic human in their home. This silicone Bishop -- or at least most of him -- from the sci-fi classic "Aliens" is for sale on Etsy.

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Think of this less as an art piece to collect, and more as an android to adopt. Neil Goldsmith

Don't let Bishop from "Aliens" suffer alone. Give him a good home, or better yet, grab this unusual statue for your office so co-workers remember to always have your back.

The life-size silicone model of Bishop -- the "artificial person" played by actor Lance Henriksen in the 1986 sci-fi horror film -- can now be yours for a mere $3,000 (around £2,012 or AU$3,906).

The eerily accurate replica by Florida-based artist Neil Goldsmith depicts an very injured Bishop right after being ripped in half by the Queen Alien in the movie. Goldsmith sells silicone models of Bishop in his Etsy shop Art For Your Pad.

While it might not be everyone's idea of the kind of art that ties a room together, the gruesome statue's bound to be a conversation starter at your next dinner party.

Even Henriksen himself -- who played Bishop in "Aliens" -- saw a copy of the art piece in person when Goldsmith showed it at a 2004 show called Monsterpalooza, "where Lance just happened to be in attendance," according to Goldsmith's Etsy page.

Bishop's body is constructed from fiberglass, while the head and arms are made from special-effects-quality silicone. The inner body parts and tubes are also made from high-grade silicone.

The hand-laid hair -- which is punched in painstakingly one strand at a time, matches Henriksen's hair color from the film. The eyes, which also match Henriksen's iris color, are made from acrylic. The spacesuit Bishop wears is custom-made to look exactly like the one he wears in "Aliens," right down to the arm patch.

This Bishop statue even wears a replica of his watch and dog tags etched with his ID numbers. The base, which resembles a slab of concrete, is made from wood.

"I have made a number of these displays already for collectors and each one has been more than happy with the final product," Goldsmith says on his Etsy page. "The arms and head come apart from the torso and ship in one box. I then ship the base in another. Complete assembly instructions are provided, however it is very simple to put back together."

As Bishop says in "Aliens," "Not bad for a human."

It takes a lot of guts to display "Aliens" art like this in your home. Neil Goldsmith