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Build an M41-A Pulse Rifle from 'Aliens' cheaply

AWE Me's latest "DIY Prop Shop" episode shows you how to make your very own "Aliens" Pulse Rifle prop. Game over.

This DIY M41-A Pulse Rifle looks great, but might not protect you from deadly aliens. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

No one should come face to face with a hostile alien without some backup. If we learned anything from Ripley in the movie "Aliens," it's that an M41-A Pulse Rifle at your side is a good idea.

In the latest episode of the show "DIY Prop Shop" on media company Break's YouTube channel, do-it-yourself master Dustin McLean shows viewers how to construct the M41-A Pulse Rifle replica from "Aliens" for under $30 (about £19, AU $41).

Starting with a deluxe plastic toy gun for $27 (about £18, AU $37), McLean hacks off the pieces he doesn't need, and uses an old curtain rod for the barrel of the gun, lots of hot glue and super glue, plumbers tape, sheet metal screws, black spray paint, and PVC pipe.

To make specific shapes for the rifle, McLean also uses pieces he's drawn and cut from a lot of cardboard. This is a great reminder to upcycle (use materials you might recycle in your crafts) cardboard you might have cluttering up your home or garage. He also reinforces the cardboard using pipe.

After everything is glued into place, McLean spray paints the gun prop using gray primer, then a mix of brown, green and black spray paint. For the final touch, he prints out a digital display of numbers to cut out and affix to the rifle using Tacky Glue.

Luckily, this is a replica of an M41-A Pulse Rifle and not a working weapon so you don't have to remember not to fire right under the primary heat exchangers or worry about rupturing the cooling system on your spaceship.

On past episodes of "DIY Prop Shop," McLean shows crafty fans how to make an Iron Man arc reactor, a and even a for not a lot of money using everyday items.