Xenomorph wood stove spits fire into your alien nightmares

Your marshmallows don't stand a chance against the raging fire power of an "Alien" Xenomorph wood-fired outdoor stove.

This alien is on fire. Burned by Design

I have a small fire pit in my backyard. It's round and copper-colored and completely boring, unlike the Alien Wood Burner by UK wood-stove builders Burned by Design. The fiery pit of awesome is shaped like the head of Xenomorph from the "Alien" movie franchise. It has pointy teeth, a freaky expression and a mini-me Xenomorph mouth extending from its maw.

As impressive as the design looks all on its own, it really brings the fear factor when there's a roaring fire lighting up its innards. What's scarier than a Xenomorph? A flaming Xenomorph of fire-eating doom.

Instructables shows how Burned by Design built the alien wood burner starting with a massive metal cylinder. It took a lot of grinding, cutting, welding and hammering to make the toothy head.

Burned by Design often trawls the realms of sci-fi and fantasy for inspiration for its wood stoves. Other creations include elaborate Ultron, Darth Vader and Batman burners. The themed wood burners and fire pits typically range in price from about $340-$470 (£220-£300, AU$470-AU$640) and ship internationally.

There's only one lingering question here: Is there also a Predator wood stove? Of course there is. You can enact your own epic sci-fi battle mashup between Predator and Alien burners to see which one can turn a marshmallow into ashes the fastest. My money is on the Xenomorph.

(Via Technabob)