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Kick some alien butt on Alien Day with Ripley's Reebok Stompers

Looking for the right sneakers to complete your Ripley cosplay for Alien Day? Reebok's new high-top Alien Stompers can help you look like the "Aliens" character, at least from your ankles down.

If you're going to kick a xenomorph in the face, these are the shoes you should be wearing.
20th Century Fox

I wish "Alien Day" were a thing when I was a kid. It would be like Easter, except we'd be greeted by a giant xenomorph that hides the eggs of its offspring in people's chests instead of a giant rabbit that hides eggs in backyards. Come to think of it, both of those scenarios are equally creepy.

20th Century Fox has declared April 26 to be Alien Day for fans of the survival horror film series starring Sigourney Weaver as alien-butt-kicker Ellen Ripley. Some of the more hard-core fans of the movies will be able to rock the same set of Reeboks that Ripley wore in "Aliens" with a new pair of Reebok Alien Stompers that will go on sale on Alien Day, 20th Century Fox says.

The limited-edition sneakers that resemble those worn by Ripley and the android Bishop, played by Lance Henrikson, will be sold at and some Reebok stores. There's no word yet on how much they'll cost or how many Reebok plans to sell.

Ripley, aka Sigourney Weaver, prepares to shoot a giant hole in some alien scum while wearing her Reebok Alien Stompers.

20th Century Fox

The shoes look pretty close to the pair Ripley wore in the original movie released in 1986. They've got the same color scheme and velcro patches that wrap around the feet and lower calves. They even have the same old-school Reebok logo on the tongues. The only thing that would make them identical is if they were covered in grime, bile and acidic alien saliva.

If you aren't a sneakerhead, there are other ways to get rid of your disposable income on Alien Day. In addition to Reebok's sneakers, 20th Century Fox announced that other "Aliens"-themed goodies will go on sale on April 26, including action figure and a new hard-cover edition of Dark Horse Comics' 1986 "Aliens" series.

The Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chain will screen an "Alien" double feature of the first and second films on Alien Day and the showing will include a limited-edition "Alien" T-shirt for everyone in attendance.

Ripley's Reebok Stompers have become one of the more memorable pairs of sneakers in cinematic history, along with the self-lacing Nike sneakers Marty McFly stepped into in "Back to the Future Part II." Nike also released pairs of the futuristic sneakers to the public on Back to the Future Day back on October 21, 2015 in celebration of the day that Marty, Doc and Jennifer travel forward in time from 1985.

Personally, I'm hoping these rereleases of iconic movie shoes becomes a trend. One day, we could be celebrating Like Mike Day and Nike would have to sell a throwback pair of high-tops that can magically transform anyone who wears them into a NBA superstar.