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Snack on 'Alien' face-hugger cookies before they eat you

Baker Christine McConnell makes desserts that look both delicious and deadly. Crave talks with the food artist about her creepy creations.

Who knew baking could be so dangerous? Christine McConnell

Desserts can be deadly to any strict diet, but what happens when the cookies, cakes, and pastries we're so tempted to sneak actually look like they could snack on us? You need to be a daring person with a dessert fork to try the kinds of treats baker, model, and photographer Christine McConnell makes.

Her spider samoas, Danzig cake, waffle cone tentacle monster, and "Alien" face-hugger cookies may be be made with sugar, butter, and everything that makes desserts desirable, but at closer inspection we might have second thoughts on having a taste.

"I love things that are unexpected, beautiful, and creepy," McConnell told Crave. "I feel like everyone has the chance to make whatever world they want to live in and I prefer a world where the sweets bite back."

Her most infamous creation is the face-hugger cookie, which closely resembles the creature that crept into our nightmares from the "Alien" movie franchise.

"I made a very stiff biscotti-like sugar cookie, shaped all the pieces by hand and baked them," McConnell told Crave. "Then I made homemade caramel and used that to connect the pieces. Caramel hardens quickly, so it's probably the most difficult thing I've done, but it's also hands down my favorite. My cat did not like it though."

Here's one way to keep your pets off the dinner table. Christine McConnell

McConnell's waffle cone monster is another dessert that has us wondering who's being fed to whom. After all, it's not every day someone presents you with a cookie that has tentacles. Thankfully, her waffle cone monster is made from butter, sugar, flour, heavy cream, and chocolate, and layered with custard and whipped cream, ground-up chocolate cake, and strawberries -- and not the souls of children.

While it might appear her recipes derive from the Necronomicon, McConnell's desserts are often made by accident, which happens a lot to this self-taught baker and photographer. "I learned what I could off the Internet and bit by bit got better at both," McConnell told Crave. "The tentacles (for the waffle cone monster) are made out of something I kinda invented and I'm not sure there's even a name for it... but it works, you can eat it, and it's delicious."

Check out more of McConnell's shudder-some yet yummy creatures on her Instagram.

Little Shop of Horrific Desserts? Eat at your own risk! Christine McConnell