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3 reasons you should throw out your bed pillows

Tired of waking up with a sore neck? It’s probably time to ditch your current pillow.

Messy bed. White pillow with blanket on bed unmade. Concept of relaxing after morning.

Your pillow might be the cause of your headaches.

Josh Miller/CNET

So you've had your favorite pillow since your mom helped you pick one at at Bed, Bath and Beyond for college. It fits perfectly around your head and just feels right. But could that very pillow be the cause of those annoying daily headaches and stuffy congestion? 

Here are some reasons it might be time to call up an overly enthusiastic guy from a TV commercial, or just grab a new pillow at your local department store. 

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1. You wake up with a sore or tight neck

After many years of compression, your pillow has probably lost its original shape. Daily usage can cause the feathers, synthetic fibers and foam of your pillow to break down over time. 

I know some of you might actually enjoy a flat pillow, but it might be beneficial to have better neck support as you sleep. Poor neck support can lead to headaches, and who wants to suffer through the work day with temple-pounding pain?

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2. You have allergies

Does a cloud of dust puff from your pillow when you flip it over to switch to the cooler side? That's probably not helping your allergies. In fact, you might even be allergic to dust mites that are lurking in your pillow. 

Pillows can be one of the biggest trappers of dust and other not-so-fun gunk that could be clogging up your nostrils. As you sleep, you shed tiny particles of hair and skin that dust mites love to eat. Gross, right?

3. It's been years since you bought a new pillow

Has your pillow completely lost all of its fluff? Is it not as firm or squishy as it once was? Sometimes, you pillow is just too old and it's time to get a new one. 

The National Sleep Foundation says you should replace your pillow every two years. This hypoallergenic down pillow that doesn't trap dust-mites should be a good pick. Or if you really like your pillows firm and flat, then this Pancake Pillow is what you've been dreaming of. 

If you can't commit to saying goodbye to your favorite bedtime buddy just yet, you can revive it with a simple wash. However, this is only recommended for pillows around one year old that need a little extra fluff. If it's been two years, do your noggin a favor and just get a new one. 

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