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Here's what all the new iPhone emoji really mean

And which one will replace the eggplant?

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Apple has introduced more than 70 new emoji that are on deck for release, opening up a new world of communicative possibilities for your texts and social media posts. It won't be long before these emoji are used in multiple ways beyond the obvious to make a point or a punchline. 

And not to go all predictive text on you, but it's a good time to start learning about what's on the way and how you can use them.

When can I get the new emoji?

Now that iOS 12.1 is released to the general public, you should see the new emoji in your keyboard. They'll also become available in future software updates on MacOS and WatchOS. 

What kind of emoji are in the new batch?


There are new animals (like a lobster, parrot and raccoon), sporting goods (skateboard, tennis ball and lacrosse stick), international holiday symbols (such as a Chinese red gift envelope and moon cake), new facial expressions (happy in love) and tweaks to existing faces, like the addition of gray hair and bald heads.

How do I text using these new emoji?

Like any emoji, you can communicate with them by using them to represent emotions, points or punchlines. You can use them for literal messages or sometimes to even convey the literal opposite of what you want to say. There's room to find your own form of personal expression within these characters, but here are some suggestions to get started:

How about these -- they mean food, right?


This set of newcomers can help you decide what to snack on but they can also introduce new terms of endearment into your conversations. For example, the cupcake emoji, which so far is much less controversial than the bagel emoji, could be a sweet new way to address a loved one, though the bagel could be used as a symbol for cuddling along with the cupcaking.

All right, then what does this lettuce mean?


Yes, this one can mean lettuce, salad or even cannabis if you like to use rap parlance. But there's also hidden pun potential behind this leafy emoji. Lettuce entertain you with the new lettuce emoji every time you want to say, "Let's!" Thank you, I'll be here all week, try the llama (one of the cutest of the new animal additions, by the way).

What about the blue icy face?


Best believe this blue dude is going to mean more than it's not hot outside. Think of it as a new retort in social exchanges when someone is being just a little bit too cold, an emoji to express extreme chill in the vibes sense, or a symbol for being so embarrassed or scared that you're just totally frozen.

And this?!?


Time to have some fun with phrases with these new emoji. Here's one: if someone is making it hard for you to score (in life or on the field), they're throwing salt in your game.

So, um... what's going to be the new eggplant?


The not-so-humble eggplant emoji has come to be known as a symbol for male private parts, and while it will probably stay in favor for some time, there might be some stiff new competition. The flamboyant, feathery new peacock emoji seems to have the potential to go long on sexy text innuendo.

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