Apple fattened up its bagel emoji and now people are happy

Apple dishes up a plumper bagel schmeared with cream cheese to head off #bagelgate complaints.

Amanda Kooser
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The before and after of Apple's bagel emoji


Food lovers feel strongly about their bagels. Some fans of the boiled and baked bread product took offense at Apple's new emoji rendition of a bagel. 

Apple seems to have heard their cries of anguish because it's now released a redesigned, more appetizing version. 

Apple introduced 70 new emoji early in October to go along with iOS 12.1. The bonanza of imagery includes other food items like a shaker of salt, lettuce and a cupcake, none of which attracted the same sort of ire as the bagel.   

Twitter user Downtown Josh Brown summed up all the feels around the original illustrated bagel on Oct. 2, saying, "I'm organizing a march in New York City against Apple's just-revealed bagel emoji, which comes out with the next iOS update. It looks like something you get from a cardboard box in the freezer section at Walmart. This insult will not stand."

Emojipedia noticed the change in beta 4 for iOS 12.1, which transforms the bagel from a pallid circle of dough to a fuller treat slathered in cream cheese. 

Former Microsoft Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky celebrated with a Twitter message: "This shows the power of the people to drive change against the entrenched power structure!"

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, a popular US brand of the spreadable dairy comestible, cheered the change, saying "Hooray! Bagel lovers everywhere united and convinced @Apple to turn the plain #SadBagel into a delicious #HappyBagel and we are celebrating."

One Twitter user praised the new design, calling it "photorealistic."

The tweaks to the bagel emoji are a marked improvement, but now we might have to wonder what it would take to get Apple to dish up some delicious lox to go with our circular grub. That cream cheese looks awfully lonely.

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