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More Pack and Play Mattresses Recalled Over Suffocation Risk. Here's What to Know

Three brands of portable mattresses for infants are being pulled, and they were all sold on Amazon. Here's what to do and how to get a refund.

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A baby sleeping in a playpen
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Two more brands of infant beds are being recalled because they violate federal safety standards and may pose a "suffocation hazard" for infants, according to separate notices posted Thursday by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Sold on Amazon this year, Vibe Bear's portable playyard mattresses and Moonsea pack and play mattresses are being recalled. Last week, pack and play mattresses made by DODO Baby House -- also sold exclusively at Amazon -- were recalled for the same reason.

No injuries from any of the recalled mattresses have been reported, the CPSC notices said. But they aren't safe to use, the agency said, because they violate the "thickness test" for mattresses where babies sleep and are missing warnings and labels. 

All mattresses that babies sleep on -- whether they're for a crib or made to fit versatile, portable playpens -- must meet certain criteria for safe sleep, ensuring babies have a low risk of suffocation. For example, mattresses must have a firm, flat surface

What pack and play mattresses are being recalled? 

Three types of mattresses for infants are being recalled. All were sold online at Amazon this year, but they're different products with different designs and shapes. 

Amazon and the companies recalling the products should be contacting consumers directly, the CPSC said, but you'll need to contact the manufacturer to get a refund.

DODO Baby House pack and play mattresses 

A recalled mattress from DODO Baby House

The DODO Baby House pack and play mattress, which has been recalled.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission

These mattresses are light blue with white triangles and were manufactured on or after Aug. 15, 2022. They were only sold at Amazon from February 2023 to June 2023 for about $34. The model number of the recalled mattresses is YX-04, and near the mattress tag is another small blue tag with a teddy bear on it. 

How to get a refund 

DODO Baby House and Amazon are contacting all purchasers directly, according to the CPSC. And if you have a recalled mattress, you should stop using it immediately. 

To get a refund, you'll need to "destroy" the mattress by cutting it in half, the CPSC said. Once you've done that, contact DODO to learn how to send in photo proof of the destroyed mattress and you'll get a full refund. You can contact the company at recallD336@outlook.com.

If you're having trouble getting through, the CPSC has this recall complaint form that you can also use for more information. 

Vibe Bear 'playyard' mattresses 

A Vibe Bear mattress

A recalled Vibe Bear Mattress that's portable and folds in half.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission

These mattresses fold in half and have a large crease down the middle. They're white and have paintbrushes, nature scenes and other images printed on them. They were sold on Amazon from January 2023 through June 2023 for about $34. They, too, were manufactured on or after Aug. 15 of this year and have a dark blue tag with a teddy bear on it. 

How to get a refund 

According to the CPSC notice, you should also "destroy" this mattress if you have one, and contact the company for directions on how to dispose of it and get a refund. Vibe Bear's email is EEERecall@outlook.com.

Moonsea pack and play mattresses 

Moonseasleep's recalled mattress

A recalled Moonsea mattress and the tote bag it came in. 

US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Moonseasleep's recalled mattresses are plain white and fold into thirds -- a "tri-fold" -- and come in a black canvas bag with "MOONSEA" printed on it. The affected mattresses have date codes from 15/08/2022 to 23/08/2023 printed on their tags, according to the recall. They were sold on Amazon from January 2023 through August 2023 for roughly $40.

How to get a refund

You can email Moonsea at service@moonseasleep.com or visit its website for more information. 

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