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Dryers buying guide

Gas? Electric? What features do you need in a new dryer? CNET's smart appliances team walks you through it.
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Don't prejudge this speedy LG dryer because it looks ordinary
1:10 December 2, 2016
The LG DLEX 3570V dryer may look like your average front-loading clothes dryer but it spins through laundry cycles with impressive...
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No-frills meets superb drying power
1:13 November 19, 2016
A budget price and basic looks don't predict this Kenmore dryer's excellent performance.
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Roomy LG dryer has speed and style if you can pay for it
1:32 October 10, 2016
LG's DLEX 9000V dryer is expensive but also decked out with a huge capacity, plus lots of power and features.
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This practical Kenmore dryer lacks stunning looks
1:26 September 27, 2016
Kenmore's 81383 dryer certainly offers lots of features, solid performance and flexibility, but its design won't blow you away.
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Kenmore's 69133 dryer has plenty of speed, room, and good looks
1:26 August 25, 2016
The Kenmore 69133 dryer powers through lots of wet laundry quickly and looks great doing it.
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Dry big laundry loads fast with Kenmore's Elite 81072 dryer
1:17 August 17, 2016
If you're looking for a dryer able to tackle huge loads of wet clothes quickly, the Kenmore Elite 81072 is right up your alley.
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Flashy controls can't help this GE dryer dry fast enough
1:36 July 8, 2016
GE's GTD81ESSJWS dryer might draw you in with a fresh design and potential for app control down the road, but its slow performance...
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A no-frills dryer from GE that packs a performance punch
1:18 June 23, 2016
GE's GTD45EASJWS sports a decidedly basic look and few features, but it dries clothes like a champ
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