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Alexa has a secret about Prime Day deals

On Prime Day, Amazon will be offering Alexa-powered deals. But Alexa device owners may also have early access to some exclusives as early as this Friday.


Amazon's Prime Day is less than week away now, but the discounts have begun in the form of Countdown Deal. The biggest savings, of course, are reserved for next Tuesday, July 12, when more than 100,000 items will go on sale throughout the day.

But Alexa -- the personality and voice of Amazon Echo -- suggests there's even more in store.

Taylor Martin/CNET

If you're the owner of an Alexa device, you may get access to exclusives. And if you're an Echo, Echo Dot or Tap owner, you might have access to deals as soon as Friday.

Reddit user circularproportions discovered that Alexa has a secret. If you ask Alexa to tell you about the Prime Day deals, you're met with a cryptic poem: "Tell secrets I cannot, but since you ask, this hint is what I've got. On July 8, early birds get their meal, so ask me then, and I will reveal some deals."

What those deals are isn't clear. It also isn't apparent if they're exclusive to Alexa device owners. But, rest assured, if this year's Prime Day is anything like the last, the good deals won't last very long.