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Here's a sneak peek at Amazon's Prime Day deals

Amazon hasn't spilled all the beans about tomorrow's big sale, but we've got a few choice previews -- including a Fire TV Stick for $24!

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Planning to buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick? Wait till tomorrow: It'll be on sale for $24.

That's just one of the deals planned for Amazon Prime Day, the July 15 event intended to celebrate the company's 20th birthday. According to reps, the sale will rival and even exceed Black Friday -- provided you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, that is. If deals for you!

Earlier today, Amazon offered a preview of some of the discounts planned "at various times throughout Prime Day" (meaning they won't all roll out at the strike of midnight).

Among the highlights? The aforementioned Fire TV Stick normally sells for $39, but at some point tomorrow you'll be able to save $15. Other notable deals:

  • Kindle: $30 off (Amazon didn't specify which one, but if it's the entry-level e-reader, that would mean a price of $49)
  • Fire HD 7: $79 (currently $139)
  • Brand-not-specified 32-inch LED TV: $75
  • Brand-not-specified 40-inch LED TV: $115
  • Brand-name (but not specified) 32-inch smart TV: under $200
  • Unspecified Chromebook: $199 (not an uncommon price unless it's a high-end model)

Amazon also plans to offer "over 50% off two Nikon Coolpix cameras," a Roomba Pet robot vacuum for "under $300" and "Bose headphones at the lowest price ever on Amazon."

Needless to say, tomorrow promises to bring considerable traffic -- and quick sellouts -- to Amazon's site. Although the company has understandably avoided naming most of the products that'll be on sale, I can't help wondering if you could avoid tomorrow's "lines" by grabbing a Kindle, Fire HD 7 or Fire HD 7 Kids Edition (also $60 off) today, then asking for a price-match tomorrow. Just a thought.

While you're mulling that over, remember that you'll also want to listen to at least one streaming Amazon Prime-powered song tomorrow for a shot at sweet prizes. Also, Walmart has lined up a competing deal-day, so tomorrow should be awfully fun for shoppers. You can bet I'll have my credit card out and clicking finger warmed up.

Update: Check out all the best Amazon Prime Day deals!