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Zookeeper World joins Apple Arcade's catalog of more than 200 games

Solve puzzles, earn coins and create your dream zoo in this puzzle game from Kiteretsu.

Shelby Brown Editor II
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Shelby Brown
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Zookeeper World is cute and addicting puzzle game that lets you build your own zoo.


Apple Arcade added Zookeeper World from game developer Kiteretsu on Friday. With this latest release, the service now houses 212 games. Subscribers can also check out updates to Lego Brawls and Sneaky Sasquatch. 

Zookeeper world is a cute match-three puzzle (like Candy Crush or Simon's Cat) that allows players to create and manage their own zoo. 


Zookeeper's match-three puzzles are addicting with fun bonuses to help you meet the quota. 


As you progress with solving the puzzles, you'll earn coins to add animals, plants and equipment to your zoo. In turn, your zoo will earn Charm to attract more visitors, your rank will increase, and you can keep expanding the zoo. Visitors and your boss will make requests for you, and fulfilling those requests will also increase your rank. 

Along with customizing your zoo, you can upgrade your animals to be more unique, with rare finds like Afro Panda, Pancake Elephant, Witch Flamingo and more. 


Sailor Crocodile is just one of the zany animals you can add to your zoo.


The game starts out with a tutorial so you can get a feel of how the puzzles, currency system and shop work. Your first puzzle will let you purchase a habitat, the second will unlock your first animal. Now you can open your zoo to the public (even though there's not much for anyone to see at the beginning). From there, your boss turns over the reins, but you can check back for tips from the tutorial any time. 

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