WatchOS 7 public beta: How to sign up and install it on your Apple Watch right now

Ready for sleep tracking on your Apple Watch? Install the public beta right now.

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WatchOS 7 brings sleep tracking, a handwashing timer and improved watch faces. 

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For the first time ever, Apple has opened up beta testing of the next version of WatchOS . That means if you're brave enough to deal with some bugs and glitches on your iPhone and Apple Watch , you can access plenty of new features. Features like multiple complications from the same appsharing watchfaces with friends and sleep tracking

Signing up for and installing the public beta will take a bit of time, especially if you haven't installed it on your iPhone yet -- but for those who want to use the latest and greatest Apple has to offer before its official release in the fall, it's well worth it. 

Below I outline which devices are supported and cover the installation process, but before we get to that, there's something you need to know. 

Important fact: There's no going back to WatchOS 6

Unlike the iPhone and iPad , there's no way to uninstall WatchOS 7 and revert back to a stable operating system. Once you install the beta update, you're in it until the official launch of WatchOS 7 in a few months. That means you're also committed to keeping iOS 14 installed on your iPhone, since WatchOS 7 won't work with iOS 13. 

Keep in mind that beyond bringing bugs and issues with apps, the public beta also will decrease the battery life of your phone and watch. If that all sounds too risky, I suggest waiting until later in the beta process, or for the official release. 


You can share your custom watch face designs on WatchOS 7.

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Which devices are supported?

When it officially launches later this fall, Apple will release WatchOS 7 for the following devices:

The same models can participate in the public beta program. 

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Start by signing up, installing the iOS 14 public beta

In order to test WatchOS 7, you'll also need to be already testing iOS 14 on your iPhone. The process for enrolling in either beta program is nearly identical.

You can follow our guide for installing iOS 14 on your iPhone right now, with the process taking around 20 minutes. Depending on how fast your internet connection is. 


In order to install the WatchOS 7 beta, you'll need to install the beta profile first. 

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How to install the WatchOS 7 public beta

With your iPhone now running the latest version of iOS 14, you can follow a similar process to get your watch on the beta track. 

1. On your iPhone, visit Apple's Beta Software Program and sign in using your Apple ID. 

2. Select WatchOS from the list of programs. 

3. Read through the program terms and guidelines from Apple. When you're done, tap on the link in the Getting Started section to enroll your Apple Watch. 

4. Follow the steps on the enroll page, which includes downloading and installing the beta profile on your watch. 

5. With the beta profile installed, follow the same update process as you would for a standard update by going to General > Software Update in the Apple Watch app. 

As usual, the update process requires you to place your watch on a charger while it installs and for it to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. 

Now that you have WatchOS 7 installed, make sure to check out some of our favorite features. My personal favorite? Multiple complications. If you're still trying to decide if you want to install a beta, you probably should just wait.