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Apple Watch OS 7 public beta now available

Apple's first public smartwatch beta arrives with sleep tracking and more to test.

Watch OS 7's sleep tracking is its most notable new feature.

Every year, Apple has public betas of its upcoming iPhone, iPad and Mac operating systems to test and try, if you're curious. This year, the Apple Watch is getting a public beta of its own. The Watch OS 7 public beta is now available to download, but you'll need iOS 14 public beta on an iPhone first to try it.

But, to be clear, we wouldn't recommend putting iOS 14 (or Watch OS 7) on your main device, unless you're ready for some possible bugs and problems. CNET will be trying it out, of course, but that's our job. The final version of WatchOS 7 is expected this fall alongside a new version of the Apple Watch, as it usually is. 

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Watch OS 7's biggest new feature is sleep tracking, a feature that Watch owners could try previously with third-party apps, but which Apple is now supporting on a limited basis as a core Watch OS function. The new software also adds new watch faces, enables watch face sharing, can track fitness levels as you age, and has a hand-washing reminder and tracker. 

We never recommend installing a beta on a main device, but if you're curious to test out the new features and have the hardware, check out our guide on what's new in Watch OS 7.