Versace to launch luxury cell phone

Versace joins Dolce & Gabana and Prada to partner with cell phone companies and make a luxury cell phone.

Nicole Lee Former Editor
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Nicole Lee

When I first heard Versace was working on a luxury cell phone, I couldn't help but have a feeling of deja vu. It's not just because other fashion houses have jumped on the phone bandwagon (remember the Dolce & Gabana Razr and the LG Prada?), but because I swear I've heard of Versace working on a phone before.

It turns out I was right. Versace did work on a Versace-branded Samsung E500 Versus back in 2006, which is positively ancient by today's standards.

But it seems this new version of a Versace phone promises to be much more high-end. It would have to be to justify the ridiculous sticker price, said to be a lot more than $5,000 (think leather, precious metals, jewels, etc.). The company behind this is ModeLabs in France, which also masterminded luxury phones for Tag Heuer and Christian Dior. This Versace luxury phone is said to launch in May, but somehow, I don't think there will be a line around for the block for this one.

(Via Wall Street Journal)