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Dior phone will come with a 'Mini-Me'

Luxury handset from ModeLabs will be accompanied by a smaller version that clips to the outside of a bag--all for $5,000.

Christian Dior

The rumored Christian Dior phone we mentioned the other day is apparently a reality, and there's no surprise that it's being created by ModeLabs. Not only is the boutique handset manufacturer based in Paris, but it also has become something of the phone maker to the stars, having contracted with the likes of Hummer, Tag Heuer, and Levi's to develop their own branded blowers.

Information on specs for the "My Dior" remain elusive, as does the timing of its release, except that it has "all the regular features of a cellphone--a touch screen, a camera, ring tones," according to the Wall Street Journal. That's not terribly encouraging given the expected price of $5,000. But to be fair, the cost includes two phones: The main handset and a "minature phone barely bigger than a USB key." The latter supposedly clips to the outside of a bag and connects with its larger sibling inside, avoiding the need to rummage around frantically when it's ringing. Yeah, that's what we were thinking too.