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A sneak peek at Tag Heuer's new phone

Official press photos are making the rounds, according to blogs.

Le Journal Du Geek

It's been a busy day for Paris-based ModeLabs. Only a few hours ago we posted an item on a slider phone it made for MTV, and now there's an update about its project with Tag Heuer. The buzz around the co-branded phone was renewed last week when rumored photos were posted on various blogs, though Tag Heuer certainly has been in no great rush to bring the handset to market.

Now the first official press photos of the "Meridiist" have been released, according to Engadget. The specs are the same as previously mentioned and, unfortunately, so is the price range. In fact it's a little higher, though that doesn't matter much at these levels: This fashion magnet will run between $5,420 and $6,216, to be exact. And here we thought the Prada and Armani phones were expensive.