The Galaxy Note 9 works with Gear VR via free adapter

For a good time, call 1-800-Samsung.

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New Samsung Gear VR for Note 8

While the Note 8 slips right in (above), the placement of the USB-C connector is just a hair off for the Note 9.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is slightly larger than the Note 8, so it's an uncomfortable fit into the company's Gear VR headset. And you don't want your new $1,000 phone to be uncomfortable. So Samsung will provide you with a free adapter (which we knew was coming) -- but you've got to call, like in the olden days.

At least, that's what the company tells you to do on the support page. Some folks have had luck texting through the Samsung Plus app, though.

The question remains as to whether this is a stopgap solution until the company releases an updated headset or whether we won't be seeing any Gear VR updates in the near future. Last year's hot topic went unmentioned at the Note 9 announcement event, where we instead heard about this year's hot topic, a smart speaker dubbed the Galaxy Home.

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New Samsung Gear VR for Note 8

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