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The Targus Mobile VIP Plus backpack is basically a wearable portable charger

This charging backpack just might solve my battery anxiety at CES 2020.

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Sean Keane

Targus has a line of backpacks that charge your phone, and I'm using one at CES 2020.

Angela Lang/CNET

I dunno about you, but the idea of my phone running out of battery is a constant source of low-level worry -- especially on days when I'm on the move and I've forgotten my portable charger. Wandering the trade show floor at CES in Las Vegas on Sunday night, I spotted a backpack that might solve that problem.

Targus' Mobile VIP Plus came out last March and costs $200 (about £150 or AU$290). It comes with a built-in battery pack and a fixture that lets you charge your phone in a side pocket. Based on feedback from the media at CES 2019, the Anaheim-based company improved the bag's ventilation and added an on-off switch so your phone won't charge all the time.

An alternative option, the smaller $180 , is coming out in June and is partially made of recycled plastic bottles.

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Originally published Jan. 6.