Spotify update for iOS 13 adds Siri support

Rocking out to your favorite playlists just got a bit easier.

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You Spotify tracks are now just a Siri command away.

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"Hey Siri , play Lizzo on Spotify ." That's all it takes now to listen to your favorite songs, artists, albums and playlists on Spotify. The music streaming service on Monday updated its mobile app for iOS 13 , adding Siri support. This means you can ask Apple's virtual assistant to play music via the Spotify app. 

The release notes for the update say that Siri support for Spotify works on "iPhone, iPad , Carplay , AirPods , and HomePod via Airplay." The update notes also say Spotify is now available on Apple TV .

"Now you can listen to Disney Hits or an exclusive podcast like Set It Straight with Midland at work, home, on the commute, while exercising, or doing chores, all by saying the familiar 'Hey Siri, play...' to hear the audio you want," said a representative for Spotify in an emailed statement. "Just make sure to update your iPhone to iOS 13 – from there, remember to end each phrase with 'on Spotify.'"

Some supported Siri commands include:

  • Play track / artist / album / station on Spotify 
  • Play personal playlist on Spotify 
  •  Play personal curated playlist (e.g. Discover Weekly) on Spotify 
  •  Play some new releases on Spotify 
  •  Play podcast on Spotify

You can also use Siri for some actions, like skipping to the next song or asking for track information. 

With iOS 13, Apple continues to loosen its grip on Siri. You can have Siri complete a task in some third-party apps, including rival streaming service Pandora, but it's limited. You need to explicitly tell Siri use a particular app as opposed to just saying "play artist" or "play album." Not mentioning the app will have Siri default to using Apple's own versions of those applications. 

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Originally published Oct. 7 at 6:53 a.m. PT.
Update 7:47 a.m. PT: Adds comment from Spotify.