7 settings to change right away on iOS 10

Just downloaded the latest version of iOS? Here are seven settings to change now.

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iOS 10 brings plenty of new features and interface tweaks to improve the performance of your device. But there are some settings you may want to change right off the bat.

Stop tracking your location

Like previous versions of the operating system, iOS 10 keeps track of your frequently visited locations.

If you already turned this setting off in an older version of iOS this should carry over. To stop your phone tracking frequent locations go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations and turn the toggle off.

Directly underneath the list of tracked locations click the Clear History button to delete existing records.

Restore touch to unlock

Don't like having to press the home button to unlock the phone? Switch back to touch to unlock by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button then toggle on "Rest finger to open."

Limit the lock screen

iOS 10 shows a lot of information on the lock screen that you may want to hide from prying eyes. Prevent other people replying to messages and using Siri from the lock screen by going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. Scroll to "Allow access when locked."

From here, toggle off reply with message, Siri and any other relevant options. If you would rather get rid of the widget screen altogether, which appears when you swipe right from the lock screen, toggle off Today View.

Disable raise to wake

If you have a newer iPhone with an M9 motion coprocessor such as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, you have the option to use the raise to wake feature. This shows you notifications on the lock screen when you lift up the phone. If you don't want the screen to turn on everytime you move the phone, go to Settings > Display and brightness > Raise to Wake.


iOS 10 lets you turn on individual iMessage read receipts. Go into a message thread and tap the i icon next to the contact name. Toggle on or off send read receipts.

To conserve data, send lower quality images by going to Settings > Messages > Low quality image mode.


The camera can be used as a magnifier so you can get a closer look at text, objects or even people. Go to General > Accessibility and Magnifier. Triple click the home button in camera to zoom, no pinching with digital zoom required.

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