Oppo Debuts AI Motion Features That Could Save Your Blurry Pet Photos

Alongside fixing blurry images, the AI feature can also enhance slow-motion video.

Mike Sorrentino Senior Editor
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Mike Sorrentino
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Oppo, known for phones like this Find X7 Ultra, is debuting Motion AI features that can reduce blurry photos.


Taking pet photos can be difficult because our furry friends can't seem to sit still at the right moment. Chinese phone maker Oppo wants to fix that with a new set of AI-powered camera features called AI Motion, which it's debuting at Mobile World Congress

Oppo is collaborating with the company AlpsenTek to develop a series of AI motion algorithms that the company says can sharpen images like blurry pet photos. It's not the first time we've seen technology like this on a smartphone. Google's Pixel phones have similar tools called Photo Unblur and Face Unblur for fixing old low quality images or photos that were taken while the subject was moving. 

Oppo's before and after of a dog wagging its tail.

An example of the motion AI feature deblurring a dog's tail.


The same technology can also be used to enhance slow-motion style video of fast-moving objects. Oppo says this can allow for capturing videos at 960 frames per second at a theoretical 2K or 4K resolution.

Oppo's announcements come as other phone companies are using artificial intelligence to enhance or generate images taken with our phones. Google's Pixel 8 has Best Take, for example, which lets you change a person's facial expression to get the perfect group shot (even if the moment never actually happened). Samsung's Galaxy AI makes it possible to remove or manipulate objects in photos through a tool called Generative Edit. You can also instantly preview any video clip in slow motion after shooting it. Samsung, for its part, labels images that have been edited using its Generative Edit feature accordingly. 

Oppo's announcement is yet another example of tech companies enlisting the help of AI to fine tune smartphone photography.