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New Moto Mod for gamers goes after the Nintendo Switch

It's the most aggressive of the five new Mods and seven new concepts that Moto broke out for Moto Z phones.

Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Moto announced five new snap-on Mod accessories today for its Moto Z family of phones, making good on its promise to release at least 12 new Mods in 2017. The company is actively wooing developers to help create its ecosystem of Mods.

1. Game pad

The most aggressive new Mod takes on the Nintendo Switch, the new portable gaming console that you can also plug into your TV. A snap-on rig for the Moto Z has four speakers and gaming controls and comes preloaded with games. It would likely cost a lot less than the Switch -- and have more games, too.

2. Power Pack

Available in March, it'll come in a variety of colors.

We'll see this Mod as soon as March.

Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

3. Charging adaptor

This small adapter slaps onto the back of any Mod to charge it.

4. Wireless charger

A glass design adds wireless charging to any Moto Z phone.

5. Turbo charger

A portable charger, it'll give your Moto Z battery 8 hours more juice in 15 minutes.

7 more concepts besides

Moto also showed off a handful of concept designs that we may one day see:

  • Photo printer
  • Add-ons that transform the phone into a kind of Lego Mindstorms robot
  • Mod that lets you add multiple SIM cards
  • Tablet with speakers (like this)
  • Interactive LED cover with custom animations
  • VR headset
  • Mod tower to store and charge multiple Mods

Amazon has separately revealed that it's working on a Mod that will bring Alexa support to the Z line.

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