Microsoft to bring its Defender antivirus software to iOS and Android

It could help protect employees from malware and phishing attacks.

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Microsoft's Defender ATP is headed to Android and iOS. 

James Martin/CNET

Microsoft on Thursday said it plans to bring its antivirus software, Defender Advanced Threat Protection, to phones and other devices running Apple's iOS and Google's Android. 

The software, also called Defender ATP, is already available on Windows and MacOS. It offers features like preventive protection, post-breach detection and automated investigation and response, according to Microsoft. 

When it comes to mobile devices, Microsoft's Rob Lefferts told CNBC that the Defender software could help companies protect employees from things like malware and phishing attacks. Apple's and Google's app stores are "pretty safe," Lefferts told CNBC, but  "malware does happen on those platforms."

It's unclear exactly when Microsoft will release the antivirus software for iOS and Android, though CNBC reports it'll be available later this year.

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