Rendered LG G7 images flaunt iPhone X notch

Unofficial renders of the LG G7 show an unmistakable iPhone X-like notch.

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It looks like yet another upcoming Android phone may arrive with the iPhone X notch.

Ever since Apple released the iPhone X -- which features a black notch above the screen that houses the phone's front-facing camera and other sensors -- a gaggle of Android phone makers have been rumored to be adopting the design. In addition to the upcoming Huawei P20 and OnePlus 6, as well as the confirmed Asus ZenFone 5, it looks like the next LG phone (expected to be called the G7) may get a notch too.

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Renders of the LG G7 were shared by TechnoBuffalo, and give us a possible hint at what the phone may look like upon release. Keep in mind that these are not official renders from LG. Instead, these images were drawn up by Benjamin Geskin, who has a resume of creating renders of phones ahead of their release. The G7 images below are solely based off current rumors, so the actual G7 may well look different.


Here's what the LG G7 may look like.


As you may notice, the G7 features a notable iPhone X-style notch at the top. This is likely because leaked photos of what is said to be the G7 surfaced recently, thanks to the Israeli publication Ynet. The leaked images reportedly came from a closed-door meeting LG held at this month's Mobile World Congress, and the phone features a notch similar to the one shown in Geskin's renders.

Enlarge Image

Another look at the LG G7 renders.


The images from Geskin also feature a rear fingerprint scanner, akin to the G6, and vertically stacked dual cameras. The report also includes some of the G7's other rumored specs:

  • 6-inch OLED screen
  • Snapdragon 845 processor
  • Up to 6GB of RAM
  • Up to 128GB of storage

Again, we won't know what the G7 actually looks like until its official unveiling. LG released the G6 in February 2017, so it's clearly waiting a bit longer to announce the G7. Earlier this year, LG said it was switching things up for its 2018 phone release schedule. There is speculation that the G7 could appear some time in June, however, since it unveiled a marginal upgrade for the LG V30 at MWC in lieu of a new flagship. 

LG did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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