Mobile World Congress

MWC 2017 Latest News

Qualcomm is taking fingerprint scanners below the surface

You can expect to start seeing fingerprint sensors underneath phone displays next year, says the chipmaker at Mobile World Congress Shanghai.


Get rough with Panasonic's new hybrid Toughbook

The 33 comes in both two-in-one and tablet versions, both ready for serious abuse.


Test-driving the LG G6's camera

The G6 has two rear cameras and a front-facing shooter with a wide-angle lens. Check out how well all these cameras can take pictures.


LG G6 is tall, sleek and water resistant

With the new G6, LG left modularity on the cutting room floor and focused on premium, sleek hardware and a new tall display.


Your selfie needs an upgrade. These phone cameras can help

You'll probably buy one of these phones in 2017

That is if you don't buy an iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8.


MWC 2017: Our final thoughts (The 3:59, Ep. 189)

Plus, the marvels of quantum computing.


Nokia's 3310 returns and the best of MWC 2017 (CNET UK podcast 516 show notes)

Andy is joined by Nate Lanxon to discuss the most exciting smartphone launches of MWC and whether life without apps is really worth living.


The LG G6's camera is brilliant for outdoor shooting

I took the new LG G6 all around Barcelona to test out its camera. I love the shots I got and the wide-angle lens is a lot of fun.


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