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The must-see videos of Mobile World Congress 2016

Eye tracking in VR headsets is the future, and it's starting now

We all rode Samsung's VR roller coaster and loved how real it felt

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New Moto phone may debut next month in Barcelona

Lenovo's invites for the annual trade show event in Barcelona hints at a new Moto phone.


Ready for the LG G6? It might be coming next month

LG teases a mystery phone in a video. Chances are good it's the company's next flagship bound for the MWC show next month.


Nokia's first Android phone coming February 26

The Nokia 6 runs on Android and is already on sale in China, but it'll make its debut to the rest of the world at the end of next month, almost certainly at the world's largest mobile show.


Flagship Alcatels bring the boom key

Alcatel's flagship Idol 4S and smaller Idol 4 pair slick looks with a customisable button found on the side of the phones called the "boom key".


Get a better handle on photos with LG G5's Cam Plus (pictures)

LG's add-on accessory for the G5 takes aim at photo fans and offers some direct-access controls.


Latest Photos

LG G5's camera grip offers ease and comfort while you snap pics (hands-on)

In addition to providing a grip and physical shutter keys, the Cam Plus adds a second battery to your G5 handset.


Real phones have real curves: Samsung's bold S7 Edge (pictures)

Bigger screen, beefier build and an edgier Edge. That's what Samsung has done with its brand new Galaxy S7 Edge.


Samsung's gleaming Galaxy S7 is all win (pictures)

Pocket size and pretty much perfect, the smaller of Samsung's two headliner phones for 2016 brings up two features we love.


iPlayer needs a TV license and Oculus Rift's Mac diss (CNET UK podcast 471 show notes)

The UK's greatest tech podcast tackles a soon-to-be-closed iPlayer loophole, the news that the tech world is rallying behind Apple in its fight against the FBI and so much more.


We put the ultimate selfie stick to the test

Find out what happens when we show up with a 10-foot-long selfie stick in the heart of Barcelona's tourist district.


Latest Videos

I flew a drone that was 1,400 miles away and it didn't go so well

Ericsson offers a glimpse of the future with a cellular-connected drone in Stockholm, which I piloted while in Barcelona.


Paying with your face and car is the new paying with your phone

Mobile payments companies are using tech to make it even easier for us to spend more money.


Top 5 most interesting things from Mobile World Congress 2016

The biggest mobile showcase is now history. Time to find out what you should know.


If you're sick of phones that look the same, make a Cyrcle

Two former Microsoft employees found their phones didn't do what they wanted, so they set out to make one that did.


Wearing headphones at a concert is music to your ears with this app

It might seem strange to cover your ears at a live concert, but Peeble could solve the problems of awful acoustics -- not to mention the guy in front of you who won't shut up.


5 amazing things you'll be able to do with 5G

The superfast wireless technology promises a lot, and eventually it will happen. Think virtual reality, telemedicine and more.


Think 5G wireless is speeding to your phone? Hold your horses

5G will deliver real benefits and expand what mobile networks can do, but you'll have to be very, very patient. And today's hype could even mar 5G's arrival.


How the mission for Internet equality is playing out around the world

A year after the US adopted Net neutrality rules, the rest of the world is diving into the debate, with India currently leading the way.


They came for phones, but VR swept them off their feet

Virtual reality was all the rage at Mobile World Congress 2016 as the technology nudges closer to the mainstream.


LG's modular dream and mind-blowing virtual reality (CNET UK podcast 470 show notes)

From LG's bolt-together smartphone to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and HTC's mind-expanding Vive headset, this week is all about our favourite tech from Mobile World Congress 2016.