MWC 2018 Latest News

All-screen, no-notch Vivo Nex phone officially lands June 12

We can't wait to see what they do with that selfie camera.


21 hidden Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus features

Things you didn't know the Galaxy S9 could do.


Huawei goes colourful and Andy secures his home (CNET UK podcast 537 show notes)

On the UK's best tech podcast this week is the verdict on the Galaxy S9, Huawei's awesome low-light shooter and how Andy keeps his home safe.


Web Foundation CEO: Getting the whole world online is our goal

Adrian Lovett, the Web Foundation's new CEO and president, says we shouldn't take the good things about the web for granted -- we should fight for them.


Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus vs. iPhone X, Pixel 2XL

Want to charge your smartphone in 7 seconds? Look to graphene

Graphene gets touted as a “wonder material” because of its unique properties. Here are five potential real-world uses.


Five cool things that could be made with graphene

Graphene is hailed as a wonder material by scientists, but what could it actually be used for? CNET takes a look.


Asus ZenFone 5 has the iPhone X notch, but not its price

The iPhone X "clone wars" are here. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


MWC 2018 remembered more for political unease than tech

The climate of Barcelona, political and weather-wise, stood out at a tech show that failed to impress beyond the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9.


Galaxy S9 and Gear VR: How not to break your new phone

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