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Lenovo's Moto goes metal with new G5 and G5 Plus phones

Lenovo kicks off day zero of Mobile World Congress with metal upgrades for its Moto lineup while still keeping to the same competitive price of last year's models.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET
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Lenovo Moto's new 5- and 5.2-inch phones will now come clad in metal while still keeping to the same price of last year's G4 and G4 Plus models.

That's the key takeaway from the company's Mobile World Congress press event that took place Sunday in Barcelona. The 5-inch G5 will retail for £169 (16GB, 2GB RAM) and £179 (16GB, 3GB RAM) in the UK while the slightlty larger 5.2-inch G5 Plus will set you back just a little more at $245, £229 and AU$399 (16GB)/AU$449 (32GB). And while the UK price of the G5 translates to about $210, that phone will not officially be released stateside.

While the new G5 isn't much to shout about given that it's pretty much a low-end device, it's the G5 Plus that shines with its dual-camera setup as well as its fingerprint sensor and NFC for mobile payments -- at least, for most of the world: The US version of the G5 Plus is weirdly lacking NFC. That said, the G5 Plus is still solidly a midrange product, so don't expect flagship specs -- it's powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor.

Both phones will go on sale globally, though there's no official word yet on release dates.

Meanwhile, Lenovo also announced new Moto Mods add-on for its Moto Z, Z Play and Z Force phones. Previous Mods had added a projector, a powerful speaker and even a powerful zoom camera to the Moto Z lineup.

The new Mods add wireless charging to the Moto Z, while another adds quick charging. There's also a gamepad, too, and for Alexa fans, Amazon will be releasing a Mod with Alexa capabilities later this year.

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Roger Cheng/CNET