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iPhone XR now in stores, but official Apple cases nowhere to be seen

Apple teased clear cases for the colorful iPhone XR, but they're absent on launch day.

Case-free iPhone XRs for sale in Sydney, Australia.
Ian Knighton/CNET

The iPhone XR has officially arrived, and though CNET's reviewers are high on the device's capable hardware and comparatively reasonable price, the first thing you'll likely notice about the phone is the abundance of colors it comes in.

In announcements for select regions, Apple had mentioned it would be selling a $40 clear case for the iPhone XR, but as Apple stores opened Friday, those cases were nowhere to be found. You can get a glimpse of what the mysterious Apple iPhone XR case reportedly looks like here, via 9to5mac.

That's not to say iPhone XR buyers are without protective options. Both retail stores and Apple's online store have OtterBox cases and Belkin screen protectors. Beyond those cases you can buy from Apple, there are plenty of clear and opaque options from Speck, Gear4, Spigen and other case makers.

The last time Apple debuted an iPhone with such colorful options, the iPhone 5C, the company released hole-filled cases alongside the gadget.


Remember these?


Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, but we'll update when we learn more about the availability of its cases for the iPhone XR.

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