iPhone maker Foxconn says China plants will be back on track by end of March

Apple had warned that the coronavirus could hurt iPhone supply.

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Foxconn Factory

Chinese factories will start returning to normal after the coronavirus outbreak.

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As the recovery rate for the coronavirus continues to improve in China, one major iPhone manufacturer says its factories in the country will rebound in the coming weeks.

Foxconn  on Tuesday said its Chinese plants will bounce back from the setback caused by the coronavirus, according to a company filing, which was spotted earlier by Bloomberg.The Taiwanese company, also known as Hon Hai, expects its plants to return to normal by the end of the month.

"As of today, the production resumption has reached 50% of seasonal required capacity. Based on the current schedule, we shall be able to reach full seasonal capacity by the end of March," the company said in a stock exchange filing. "There are still plenty of uncertainties which we cannot quantify around the potential impact on the full year."

Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed concerns earlier this year about how the outbreak could affect the production of iPhones and other products, but Foxconn said it is prepared to "meet all global manufacturing obligations."

Apple and Foxconn didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

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