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50 cool iPhone cases for geeks and nerds

This may be the geekiest way to keep your new Apple iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XR protected.

Fox Van Allen
1 of 50 TLCase via Amazon

These are the geekiest iPhone cases on the internet

We scoured the internet for the nerdiest and best phone cases for the Apple iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XR. This is what we found.

For starters, check out this pair of Super Mario Bros.-styled cases. The Luigi case is especially perfect for when you're having one of those "Player 2" kind of days.

Disclosure: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of products featured in this gallery.

2 of 50 Coach via Amazon

This high-end case for pellet munchers

This Coach x Namco collaborative iPhone XS Max case is a bit pricey, but we love the look.

3 of 50 Marvel via Amazon

A phone case to honor the first Avenger

Cap may now be old and grey and with Peggy, but you can always relive his glory days fighting Hydra with this badass, officially licensed iPhone XR case.

4 of 50 BIHBDesign

An iPhone case ready for rough and tumble times of adventure

We love how colorful this Jake phone case is.

5 of 50 Marieeshop via Amazon

A phone case for Waluigi fans

Forget those dopey plumbers Mario and Luigi. Super Waluigi Bros. is where it's at.

6 of 50 Casesophy via Amazon

An iPhone case that fights evil by moonlight

This iPhone X/XS/XR case also wins love by daylight, so it's a total win-win.

7 of 50 BONTOUJOUR via Amazon

A plush-and-cuddly Totoro case

This embroidered My Neighbor Totoro case for the iPhone X/XS/XR is really soft to the touch.

8 of 50 Joyloep via Amazon

Nothing to see here, just an old-school brick phone

No, wait -- this isn't a Zack Morris phone. It's a silicone case that just looks like a 1980s cell phone.

9 of 50 Allsky via Amazon

This simple Pikachu case for your iPhone X and XS

This transparent Pokemon iPhone case is hella adorable.

10 of 50 Lex Altern via Amazon

This sparkly purple dinosaur case

Barney the Dinosaur, he's not.

11 of 50 Mobiflare via Amazon

An out-of-this-world NASA case 🌙

OK, this iPhone X and XS case is actually of this world.

12 of 50 AlphaCovers via Amazon

A meme-tastic case for your iPhone

[heavy breathing intensifies]

13 of 50 Nepond via Amazon

This Joker iPhone case that's good for a laugh

It's more of a deranged kind of laugh, really.

14 of 50 Log Zog via Amazon

The perfect phone case for old school mix-tape makers

This clever phone case will get a lot of double takes.

15 of 50 Otterbox via Amazon

An indestructible wookie case by Otterbox

This OtterBox Symmetry Series case for the iPhone X and XS has a raised, beveled edge to help protect your screen, too.

16 of 50 Funermei via Amazon

This chill case for your iPhone XR

Amazon reviewers say this odd phone case gets them plenty of compliments from strangers, if you're into that sort of thing.

17 of 50 SZfamen via Amazon

An out-of-this-world doge case

This case combines your love for tacos and for doge memes. It even comes with a matching ring holder.

18 of 50 Litech via Amazon

This cute Spider-Man case for the iPhone X and XS

This simple, lightweight case is "nerdy... without being flashy," says one Amazon reviewer.

19 of 50 Durarmor via Amazon

The droid phone case you're looking for

Beep bee bee iPhone XR case. Beep beep hard polycarbonate. Boop.

20 of 50 Pesco via Amazon

This Rick and Morty case that's trippy AF

Want to know how this phone case was made? First, they take the dinglebop and they smooth it out with a bunch of schleem. (The schleem is then repurposed for later batches.)

21 of 50 merfinova via Amazon

An iPhone X/XS case that doubles as a working gaming system

This Gameboy-esque phone case comes preloaded with 36 retro games.

22 of 50 Basic Cases via Amazon

This ancient iPhone XR case passed down by the Sheikah

Know how to make this Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild phone case even cooler? Pair it with this wireless Sheikah Slate phone charger from RegisBox.

23 of 50 ZHEGAILIAN via Amazon

A swaggy case from your favorite paper company

Fact: Black bears are best. Secondary fact: This iPhone X/XS/XR case is cool.

24 of 50 Nepond via Amazon

This badass Dragon Ball Z case

Show your love for the anime classics with this iPhone X/XR/XS/XS Max case.

25 of 50 Jenny.P via Amazon

A ridiculously cute case with slimes having a party

This may be the perfect phone case for a Dragon Quest fan... or any run-of-the-mill slime aficionado.

26 of 50 MODO Design Studio via Amazon

The perfect case for members of House Gryffindor

This Harry Potter-inspired case is hella cute, and can be ordered for just about every iPhone model imaginable.

27 of 50 LiangChu via Amazon

This phone case that's just gotta go fast

Don't worry -- this is the classic anime Sonic everyone knows and loves, and not the hella creepy CGI Sonic from the coming movie.

28 of 50 WeWix via Amazon

This case that imbues your iPhone with turtle power

There are a handful of neat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle designs out there, but this stylized Japanese look is one of our faves.

29 of 50 Durarmor via Amazon

A truly wonderful phone case

This Wonder Woman polycarbonite phone case shows our favorite DC heroine some love.

30 of 50 Marvel via Amazon

An officially licensed Captain Marvel case

This iPhone XR case features a red cloth back with the Captain Marvel logo front and center.

31 of 50 Edealsaving via Amazon

This textured Black Panther case

With this case, your iPhone XR will totally last forever, just like Wakanda.

32 of 50 OtterBox via Amazon

The most badass Boba Fett case in any galaxy

This iPhone XR case is made by OtterBox, so you know it'll hold up to some serious abuse.

33 of 50 Head Case Designs via Amazon

This gorgeous Game of Thrones case for your iPhone XR

This official Game of Thrones case comes in a variety of styles -- there's one available for each house.

34 of 50 OtterBox via Amazon

The perfect case for people with a symbiotic relationship with their iPhone

This "translucent glow" OtterBox case features a Venom design and is compatible with the iPhone X and XS.

35 of 50 Atomic Market via Amazon

The best Doctor Who case you'll find anytime and anywhere

OK, so maybe you'll find a better Doctor Who case somewhere -- there are a LOT of planets out there. But this one is still pretty cool.

36 of 50 Skinit via Amazon

Just a cute case with a kitty on it

This officially licensed Sanrio iPhone XR case is transparent.

37 of 50 Vernmex via Amazon

This iPhone XR case for Stranger Things fans

This case has a 9H tempered glass back.

38 of 50 Lex Altern via Amazon

An iPhone case that's covered in corgis! 🐾

So. Ridiculously. Cute. Plus, there's a version for just about any size iPhone you own!

39 of 50 Mymerchcase via Amazon

This iPhone case that flips everything you know about demogorgons upside down

We just want to give this little guy the biggest hug!

40 of 50 ECHC via Amazon

This comic book-inspired Superman case

Your iPhone X isn't quite as invulnerable as the Man of Steel, so you'd better protect it with a case like this.

41 of 50 yinzongstore via Amazon

This real gem of a Steven Universe case

There are 10 Steven Universe designs to choose from, so you'll find one you like no matter whom of the Crystal Gems you stan.

42 of 50 True Love Jewellery and Accessory via Amazon

This iPhone XR case has Deadpool on it

This one ticks all the boxes. You know, if one of your boxes is "must have Deadpool on it."

43 of 50 Gifun via Amazon

An NES-inspired case for retro gamers

This iPhone XR case is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and has a raised lip.

44 of 50 ABTXB via Amazon

The perfect case for diehard Naruto fans

A Naruto case for your iPhone XR? Believe it!

45 of 50 Anlun Store via Amazon

This math-themed iPhone case

If you're looking for neat STEM-inspired designs, this manufacturer also offers a physics case, chemistry case and more.

46 of 50 YZSGP via Amazon

These Attack on Titan iPhone cases

Great news, anime fans: There are nine different Attack on Titan cases for your iPhone X, XS and XR to choose from.

47 of 50 Head Case Designs via Amazon

The perfect Star Trek case for exploring distant planets

This official Star Trek case turns your iPhone XS Max into a tricorder -- not that it wasn't already functioning as one already.

48 of 50 LBIAO via Amazon

The perfect Neon Genesis Evangelion case for your taste

Celebrate the classic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion with your choice of 10 different phone case designs.

49 of 50 phpkim88 via Amazon

This iPhone XR case to feed your My Hero Academia obsession

My Hero Academia is the hottest anime out there right now, so of course you know there are going to be phone cases available.

50 of 50 True Love via Amazon

The fastest iPhone case in the galaxy

Whether you love Ezra Miller's Flash or Grant Gustin's Arrowverse Flash, this phone case is a great way to proudly show your fanhood.

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