Huawei P30, P30 Pro credible leaked photos reveal 7.8x-zoom camera

The P30 Pro's triple camera setup extends its zoom range to 7.8x, while the P30 gets a third camera for a 4.7x zoom.

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From left to right, the Huawei P30, P30 Pro back and P30 Pro front.


Probable marketing renders of Huawei's P30 and P30 Pro would seem to have leaked into the universe in advance of the phones' launch at the end of March, revealing notable information about the camera setup: the P30 Pro jumps to 7.8x zoom from the 3x of the P20 Pro, and the P30 bumps to a triple camera setup, adding a 4.7x zoom where the P20 had none.

The specs on the photos of the camera backs, brought to us via WinFuture, show the P30 Pro's triple-camera system with an effective range of 16-125mm f/1.6-f/3.4 and continuing with the Leica Vario-Summilux-H-branded lenses. WinFuture speculates that the square lens on the bottom of the P30 Pro's array indicates that it uses a prism-based telephoto lens like the one that recently debuted on Oppo's 10x-zoom 5G model.  The P30's specs are 17-80mm f/1.8-2.4, also using the Vario-Summilux-H.

The front of the phones has also changed, with bezel-free sides and a teardrop for the front camera rather than a notch.

Huawei declined to comment.

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