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Huawei P30, P30 Pro to debut March 26 in Paris

The company's latest flagship phones -- one rumored to have four rear cameras -- will be unveiled a month after Mobile World Congress.

The invitation for the P30 launch.

Huawei sent out invitations Tuesday for the unveiling of its next flagship phones, the P30 series. The event is set for March 26 in Paris.

With Mobile World Congress only a week away in Barcelona, you might have expected Huawei's latest phones to make an appearance as early as the end of this month. But like its biggest rivals, Samsung and Apple, Huawei tends to hold standalone events to show off its top-tier phones.

The P30 series will likely include the P30 and P30 Pro, with rumors suggesting the P30 Pro will have four rear cameras -- one more than we saw from Huawei last year on the P20 Pro. A teaser video posted by Huawei on Twitter was tagged with slogan "Rewrite the Rules" and zoomed in on several iconic Paris landmarks, perhaps hinting at the camera tech we can expect on the phones.

Although Huawei is hosting a separate event in March, we're still expecting to see plenty of products and announcements from the company at MWC 2019, the world's biggest mobile trade show. Follow CNET for all the news and analysis coming out of the show.