How to watch Super Bowl commercials (without the football part)

In it just for the ads? Find out how you can watch all of the Super Bowl commercials without a single play of the game.

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Rebel Wilson attempts to substitute for Alexa in Amazon's Super Bowl LII ad.

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The Super Bowl is also the Super Bowl of commercials. If you want to skip the game and just watch the ads, you can get started right now. There's no need to wait until kickoff; many of the ads have been leaked online.

In this year's Super Bowl ads, Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins and Rebel Wilson take over for Alexa in a hilarious spot for Amazon. And you'll get your first glimpse of John Krasinski as Jack Ryan in the upcoming Amazon Prime show.

In junk-food ad news, Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage get help from Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes in a combo Doritos and Mountain Dew ad. Bill Hader stars in a Pringles ad, and Martha Stewart battles with the Jack in the Box mascot.

And you can't have a Super Bowl without beer commercials. Matt Damon pitches for Water.org in a Stella Artois commercial, and Chris Pratt trains hard for a Michelob Ultra spot.

Where you can watch right now

Rounding up Super Bowl ads that have leaked online prior to the game has become a cottage industry. Here are four websites devoted to the topic:

SuperBowlcommercials.co has a hugely informational, one-page rundown of the commercials and teasers. It's the best page I've found for all things Super Bowl commercials.

SuperBowl-ads.com has a feed where you can watch the ads and get a bit of industry news while you're at it.

SuperBowl-commercials.org has an updated page with a long, linked list of all of the commercials leaked thus far.

Prefer a grid to a list? Then check out Adland's array of Super Bowl ads.

Industry sources

AdWeek is tracking Super Bowl 52 ads, and AdAge has a list of all the Super Bowl ad released so far.

Facebook pages and Twitter trends

This is the best Facebook page I found to watch and comment on Super Bowl LII commercials. On Twitter, #superbowlcommercials and #superbowlads are your two best hashtags for following the latest news and ads.

YouTube compilations

Finally, you can go direct to the source of the ads leaked online. On YouTube, you can find various supercuts of the best commercials so far, including thisthis and this.

If you want to watch the bits in between the commercials, then find out how to watch the Super Bowl if you don't have cable.

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Update, Feb. 1: This story was originally published on Feb. 4, 2017 and has been updated for 2018.

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