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Google Pixel: The best tips, tricks and hidden features

Got a Google Pixel phone? Here's everything -- and we mean everything -- you can do with it.

The Pixel (and its bigger counterpart the Pixel XL) has an incredibly capable camera, lightning-quick processor and stylish looks, making it one of our favorite phones.

The phone also runs Android the freshest version of Android, Android Nougat. It includes the useful Google Assistant AI bot, who can answer (most) of your user queries using Google's massive search database, and more. Below, we gathered all the tips and tricks we've learned about the Pixel to make sure you get the most out of your phone.

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Adjust your settings

Before you dig into all the Pixel has to offer, it's always worth making sure that your settings are in order. Whether you just took your Pixel out of the box or need to double check that everything's square, ironing out your settings is the best way to get started. Read the full article here.

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Get started with the launcher

A launcher displays the main interface of your phone. The Pixel has its own launcher from Google, and it's got a few useful features that aren't so obvious. Since the launcher is basically the home base where you can access all your apps and widgets, it's important to become familiar with it. Read the full article here.

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Master the camera

The handset has one of the best cameras around, and it impressed us with its clear images, speed and handling of low-light environments. To become a true Pixel aficionado, read the full article of Pixel camera tips. Then watch how well the device performs against the Apple iPhone 7 Plus' camera.

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Explore the other features

By now you should be pretty comfortable with your Pixel. But, the device has a few more tricks up its sleeve that you might not be familiar with. To make sure, we rounded up all other features that make using your Pixel easier and more efficient.

The really obscure features

At this point you probably think you know everything there is to know about the Pixel. But do you really? We mean reeallllyyy? If you're not sure, we found a few more options and tools that, while buried, are still useful to know. Check it out below:

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