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Google Fi Gives Subscribers a Boost When Traveling Abroad

One of the major update: Fi is now offering Wi-Fi calling to iPhone users.

Google Fi logo
Sarah Tew/CNET

Google on Thursday unveiled updates to its Google Fi mobile phone service that could make international travel easier for its subscribers.

One of the major updates is that Google Fi now offers Wi-Fi calling to iPhone users. Now, if you're an iPhone user and you're out of your coverage area (like in another country), you can make a phone call using available Wi-Fi signals. If both Wi-Fi and cellular are available, Google said, the service will use whichever has the stronger signal.

"If you're traveling abroad, Wi-Fi calling can even help reduce calling costs, depending on the country you're in," Google said in a blog post.

Google is also bringing international hotspot tethering to iPhone users who have Fi's Flexible or Unlimited Plus plan. This feature lets you use your iPhone as a hotspot for up to 10 other devices at a time.

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Android subscribers already have access to both Wi-Fi calling and international hotspot tethering, but Google didn't leave those users out. It also announced it's expanding its 5G coverage area for some Android users to 26 more countries. That means 5G coverage is now available in 39 countries, including Iceland, Qatar and Japan. This feature is available to people with a Flexible or Unlimited Plus Plan who have a Pixel or a Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone.

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