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Get Android P beta on these 11 phones

Including one that doesn't exist yet.


Google's Android P beta software has its first phone allies. 

It'll be available on:

Note that one of these phones, the OnePlus 6, doesn't event exist yet. The phone will officially launch on May 16, complete with a notch design.

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The phonemaker's announcement comes at the first day of Google I/O, Google's annual developer conference. It's here that the company shares its biggest news for Android, Google Home and other Google products and services.

Google shed more details on its next-generation phone software in March, emphasizing that it'll get support for gesture navigation (like on the iPhone X), handle notifications better, and support a notch design, essentially a cutout in the screen that makes room for the front-facing camera and speaker grille.

How to get Android P beta right now: Join Google's experimental program.

Android P will give Android gestures like the iPhone X: But Google still won't tell us what the "P" stands for.