How to get Android P beta right now

Can't wait another second for Google's nameless OS? Grab the beta here.

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Rick Broida
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Android P is coming. Google's next operating system will support navigational gestures similar to the iPhone X's and employ sophisticated AI to help extend battery life.

No, it doesn't have a name yet -- Android Plum? Peppermint? Parsnip? -- or a release date, but the good news is you can get the Android P beta right now.

Just head over to the Android Beta Program and sign up. It doesn't matter if you already enrolled in the Android O Beta Program; you'll have to enroll again to get P.

You'll also need an eligible device. The Beta Program page will tell you instantly if you have one, assuming you're signed into the same Google account that's connected to it. Here's the current list of P-compatible phones :

Needless to say, you should always make sure your data is backed up before installing a beta OS. Even then, this is something best left to experienced users.

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