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Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update out in 'weeks', report claims

Samsung's flagship smart phone could be mere weeks away from getting the latest version of Jelly Bean.

Samsung's flagship Galaxy smart phone could be mere days away from receiving the long-awaited Android 4.3 update.

The latest version of Jelly Bean will be on the Galaxy S4 'within 1-2 weeks', SamMobile reports, citing anonymous sources.

Android 4.3 doesn't add any particularly tempting new features, and mostly involves behind-the-scenes improvements to make graphics run more smoothly.

Samsung will also be putting its own twist on the software, filtering Google's latest update through its TouchWiz interface. As such, there won't be many obvious changes for S4 owners.

Fresh software is always to be welcomed, however, as it keeps your smart phone on the cutting edge.

Android 4.3 arrived towards the end of July, and is already running on the recent Galaxy Note 3. Samsung needs to get its rear in gear if it doesn't want its high-and-mighty Galaxy S4 to be perceived as behind the curve.

If you're desperate, SamMobile has a leaked version of Android 4.3 for the Galaxy S4, but as always we'd advise waiting for the official version from Samsung, as tinkering with your smart phone's innards is always risky. The site warns that applying the leaked software will wipe your device.

Android 4.3 is currently the newest version of Android, but not for long. Android 4.4 KitKat has been tipped to launch as soon as tomorrow, though as of yet we've heard nothing from Google about an official event to show off the new software.

KitKat will likely also see the arrival of the Nexus 5, a new Nexus device that's rumoured to be as gloriously cheap as its forebear, and could provide some serious competition for Samsung's pricier Galaxy smart phones.

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