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Galaxy Note 10 will let you 3D scan a physical object in seconds

You can use these renderings for 3D printing -- or an animated dance video.


Samsung's 3D scan app uses its Galaxy Note 10 to make quick, virtual renderings of objects around you. 

Screenshot by Joan E. Solsman/CNET

Samsung on Wednesday unveiled a quick scanning feature to its new Galaxy Note 10 phone that lets you walk around an object and quickly get a seemingly photo-realistic 3D scan of it in seconds. 

During a demo at the Note 10 launch event, Samsung's 3D scanner app created a virtual version of a stuffed pink animal called Bobby. By pacing around the item in a circle with the phone and keeping the object within a circular guide on the screen, the app captures all angles of the object and then generates a 3D asset that matches it in shape, shadow and color. 

Samsung said these 3D files can be used to make 3D copies, which could trigger worries about easing piracy. They'd also be simple, easy assets for virtual- or augmented-reality applications. By applying body tracking, the rendering can mirror the movements of whoever is in the frame of the phone's camera, matching them when they turn around, wave or even dance. 

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Samsung dropped the news at its flashy Unpacked event in New York, which unveiled the company's Galaxy Note 10 lineup. As phone price tags have increased across the industry, and people upgrade less often, handset makers like Samsung have been leaning into other technologies and services hoping to grab attention.