Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10E: Every camera lens and curve

And our first glimpse at the Galaxy S10 5G coming first to Verizon.

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Samsung's new Galaxy S10 phones give you plenty to gawk at. There's the Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10.

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 Starting with the two, three or four cameras on the back, depending on which S10 you're looking at.

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But there's a lot going on up front, too...

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...like an edge-to-edge display with slim bezels.

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And a tiny hole cut from the screen that fits one camera lens... 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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...or even two lenses (look at the top right).

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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Here's another view.

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The three mainstream Galaxy S10E, S10 and S10 Plus phones get progressively bigger and brawnier. 

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
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But wait, there's a Galaxy S10 5G as well. In the US, it'll come first to Verizon in the first half of the year, followed by versions for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Xfinity Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S10
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Two of these four, the S10 and S10 Plus, come with the first ultrasonic fingerprint reader

Samsung Galaxy S10E
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You won't find an in-screen fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S10E, but you will find it baked into the power button.

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All the new Galaxy S10 phones run Android 9 Pie with Samsung's new One UI software on top.

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The Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus have three rear cameras: a main dual-aperture display, a telephoto lens and an ultrawide angle sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S10E
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You still get dual cameras on the much cheaper Galaxy S10E.

Samsung Galaxy S10
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New photo tricks come to these phones, like being able to toggle scene optimization settings on and off.

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One of the best new tricks that is that you can use the Galaxy S10s to charge another Qi-enabled device, like the new Galaxy Buds earphones.

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If you take the Galaxy Buds on the road, you won't need a cable, as long as you use your phone.

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Here are some S10s in Flamingo Pink, Canary Yellow and Prism Blue. 

all the new colors in one shot
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These are all global colors and not every country will get every shade. And only the 512GB and 1TB Galaxy S10 Plus phones come with ceramic backings. Your choice there comes down to black and white.

Samsung Galaxy S10
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Slim bezels mean you can fit more display into the phone body.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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Oh look, a headphone jack! 

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Samsung redesigned its double-barrel wireless charger -- useful if you want to charge two phones, or a phone and a watch. You can also transfer a charge from the wireless pad to the phone and use the back of that to charge up another accessory (it'll just take longer).

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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Turn on Wireless PowerShare from the notification tray.

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OK, so how do you tell these phones apart?

Samsung Galaxy S10 SE, S10, S10 Plus, and S10 5G
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Here they are, littlest to biggest: Galaxy S10E, S10, S10 Plus and the S10 5G, which we weren't allowed to turn on in our briefing.

Samsung Galaxy S10 SE, S10, S10 Plus, and S10 5G
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The back is where you can tell the difference. The S10E has those two rear cameras, while the S10 and S10 Plus have three each. The S10 5G has four cameras on the back, one of them a 3D sensor to help with depth shots and AR.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
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The S10 5G also has two front-facing cameras, a 10-megapixel shooter that they all sport, and a 3D depth-sensing lens on the front. This isn't used for facial recognition, Samsung says.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
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One more look at the back of the 5G phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
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It's the largest, with a 6.7-inch screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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The Galaxy S10 Plus also has two selfie cameras, but no 3D shooter. Instead, it has a 10-megapixel camera and an 8-megapixel sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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Take a close look at all those cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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This is still a fairly thin phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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Here's the S10 Plus in ceramic white and black.

Samsung Galaxy S10
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These phones are as glossy and reflective as ever. Just part of the charm.

Samsung Galaxy S10
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Here's the Galaxy S10, side by side with an iPhone XS.

Samsung Galaxy S10
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The Galaxy S10 has one front-facing camera and two curved screens. The Galaxy S10E (not pictured) has a flat screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10
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The in-screen fingerprint reader on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10E
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A flock of Galaxy S10Es.

Samsung Galaxy S10E
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Dual rear cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S10E still get you one lens more than the Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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I'll just leave some more photos of the new Galaxy S10 phones for you to drool over. This one here's the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

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Here are some of the standard Galaxy S10.

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Samsung Galaxy S10
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S10E and S10 Plus get buddy-buddy.

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Comparing the S10E and S10 Plus screens. Can you tell the difference?

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The backs of the S10, S10E and S10 Plus.

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Now for the Galaxy S10E.

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Samsung Galaxy S10E
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Samsung Galaxy S10E
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Samsung Galaxy S10E
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Saving the largest Galaxy S10 Plus for last.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
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Samsung Galaxy S10
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Samsung Fast Charge 2.0
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Samsung's fast-charging wireless charger, version 2.0.

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These special cases are brand new.

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Twinkle, twinkle, little LEDs.

Samsung Galaxy S10E
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If you're thinking of buying one or already have on here's everything you need to know about the Galaxy S10 phones.

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