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Facebook Messenger rolls out threaded replies to help you follow conversations

You can finally know exactly what your friends are responding to.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger now lets you quote individual messages in a chat and reply to them.

Following conversations in a Facebook Messenger group chat may get a whole lot easier. 

On Wednesday the company rolled out a message replies feature that lets users respond to a specific message in a chat. Long-press a message and hit Reply to quote it above your response so everyone's clear what you're responding to.  

Facebook redesigned its Messenger app earlier this year, adding features such as color gradients and conversation controls. Last month, it rolled out a feature that lets users delete messages for up to 10 minutes after they've been sent. 

The company said in January that it plans to merge WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram messaging so users can send messages among the three apps while keeping them separate. 

Messenger has around 1.2 billion monthly users, Facebook said in 2017. All users globally will get the new message replies feature.