Does that restaurant require COVID vaccination proof? The Yelp app can tell you

Yelp's app will help you determine if a business requires proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

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Yelp now includes more information about locations that might require proof of vaccination. 

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To combat the coronavirus delta variant, a new plan from President Joe Biden will require federal employees and contractors, health care workers at Medicare and Medicaid facilities, and employees of businesses with over 100 workers to be vaccinated and get tested weekly.

In addition, New York City will now require proof of vaccination for entry into restaurants, gyms and theaters. And more locations are following suit by requiring proof of vaccination to enter offices, attend conferences, travel and other activities

To help visitors prepare, review app Yelp has new ways for restaurants and other businesses to notify customers about their COVID-19 vaccine requirements. Here's how to use Yelp to find out where you need proof of vaccination:


Yelp is letting businesses add attributions that will notify customers of vaccine requirements.


1.Open the Yelp app
2.Make sure location services are turned on
3.Scroll through all restaurant results or search a specific restaurant
4.Tap the restaurant listing
5.Scroll down to Business Info
6.Tap More Info
7.Scroll down to Amenities and More. You'll see any vaccination requirements, mask requirements and whether restaurant staff wear masks, along with other information. 

In some instances, the restaurant might say it requires proof of vaccination in the results list and you won't even need to tap on it. You can also follow the same steps to find out whether a restaurant requires proof of vaccination on your desktop computer or in your mobile browser. 

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