CNET's favorite Android apps (CNET 100)

Follow along as CNET editors and writers choose their 10 favorite Android apps. The CNET 100 series will compile all their top picks and give you the chance to vote for your favorite.

After focusing on iOS in 2010, this year the CNET 100 series tackled the top apps in the Android Market. On each of the 10 business days from July 11 to July 22, a different personality offered his or her 10 favorite Android apps. With each post, you have the opportunity to see what makes that title so special and you can vote for your own favorite title. And now that the series is over, it's your last chance to vote! We'll announce the 10 reader favorites on Wednesday, July 27, so be sure to check back.

We do have to warn you, though. While many of the apps (like Wikipedia) will no doubt be familiar, a few will be a bit more obscure. So if you've ever wondered how you can listen to air traffic control on your phone or get surf reports from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, please read on.

Kent German
Section editor, mobile device reviews

When I'm not writing about cell phones, I'm writing about commercial aviation. So it's only natural that aviation-related apps found their way onto my list. I'm not much of a gamer, as you'll see, but I am a fan of apps that help me plan my next vacation and titles that deliver both useful and occasionally useless facts.

Bonnie Cha
Senior editor, smartphone reviews

You probably know that Bonnie's a huge sports fan and an avid surfer, but she's also a bit of a shutterbug and she knows her music players and mobile browsers. She's not much of a gamer either, though she enjoys the occasional memory trainer and she prefers that her ninjas spend their time slicing fruit.

Stephen Shankland
Senior writer, CNET News

Stephen offers a full tour through all the best Android apps that Google itself delivers. Whether you're checking your e-mail, listening to podcasts, or getting into Google+, he has the titles to guide you on your way. Reading and photography also populate his list and he has just the app for hiking through the backwoods or the back streets of Milan.

Seth Rosenblatt
Senior associate editor, CNET Downloads

Seth treats his phone like the well-worn tool that it is, and that means rooting and custom ROMing it. So he's collected some of the best apps for a rooted phone. You don't have to install a custom ROM to use these titles, but you absolutely must get root access. Also, note that for most of these, you'll want the Superuser app so that your rooted apps can dig deep into your Android phone.

Scott Webster
CNET network blogger, Android Atlas

Though Scott can get pretty technical when writing about technology, his interests in the real world should appeal to just about everyone. Whether he's exercising, catching a movie, or reading, he's got an app for each activity and for organizing his life. Titles for checking the weather and checking in to locations also populate his list along with options for sprucing up his phone's widgets and protecting it from viruses and malware.

Jessica Dolcourt
Senior associate editor, cell phone reviews

When she's in the office, Jessica works hard. And when she's out, she works hard at having fun, staying organized, and keeping up with her friends and family. Google Voice and Skype populate her list, along with apps for shopping, eating out, and cooking at home. She's also a fan of music and, believe it or not, is an aspiring wilderness explorer.

Antuan Goodwin
Associate editor, CNET Car Tech

Antuan's two great loves--cars and zombies--fill his list of top apps. Indeed, when he's not finding his way on the road, he's listening to podcasts, managing his gadgets, and keeping in touch with both hands on the wheel. Outside of the car, he spends his time battling a range of zombies and playing (surprise!) the occasional auto racing game.

Jaymar Cabebe
Associate editor, CNET Downloads

Jaymar is all about using Android to its full potential, and his app picks reflect that. Without ever leaving his phone, he can read the latest news, locate the hottest new restaurant, get daily deals, and even find a perfect stranger to pick up his dry cleaning. He also searches for the latest apps that he can review, and he revives a classic Nintendo video game by plucking off a few low-flying ducks.

Nicole Lee
Senior associate editor, cell phone reviews

Nicole's favorite Android apps allow her to indulge her other interests outside of technology. This includes keeping up with the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, checking out reviews for the latest movies, and catching up on the latest issue of The Economist. Always one to try out new tech, she's quite smitten with the new Google+ and the Rdio music service. Nicole also enjoys a mean game of Words With Friends, even though it refuses to accept LOL as a legit word.

Molly Wood
Executive editor, CNET TV

Molly enthusiastically volunteered for the CNET 100, and I welcomed her insights given her experience with Android. Her apps reflect all the tools she needs to navigate an urban life. She has picks for getting around town, listening to music, working out, and shopping. She also knows how to customize her phone and plan her travels, and she has what might be the nerdiest app of the entire CNET 100 series.