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CNET Asks: Will you switch to the Galaxy Note 9?

Last week Samsung announced its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 9. But is its new $1,000 price worth it? CNET wants to know your thoughts.

Juan Garzon / CNET

The Galaxy Note is widely known for its signature large screen and smart stylus, but will the new steep price-point overshadow the Note 9's amazing features?

Samsung followed Apple's lead and released a pricey premium smartphone of its own, the Galaxy Note 9, at $1,000. Although pricey, we can't forget to mention the Note 9 has a 4,000mAh battery, 128GB memory storage, an S Pen stylus (that can now do more Bluetooth tricks like trigger your camera's shutter button remotely) along with new AI features. Check out our spec-by-spec comparison for a more in-depth analysis of recent Galaxy models.

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All these features sound great, but do they justify the price? Do you see yourself purchasing the Galaxy Note 9, or will it be a hard pass? Let us know in the poll below!