Charge your iPhone and jump-start your car with Mophie's power pack

The PowerStation Go packs enough juice to get a full-sized SUV up and running.

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Mophie's powerful PowerStation Go costs $160. 


Never again will you have to face the very real dilemma of deciding to charge your iPhone or jump-start your unresponsive car. Mophie's PowerStation Go packs an immense 44,400Wh of power -- power enough to give even SUVs a jump, the company claims.

It ships with a pair of jump leads but otherwise looks much like any external battery pack you might keep handy to give much-needed juice to your phone. It's got multiple USB ports to plug in your devices and there's even a QI wireless charging pad on the top in case you happened to forget your cable. It also includes an LED light in case you break down on the side of a country road and there are no roadside lights to help show you which lead goes where. 

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It looks identical to the Bolt Wireless powerbank by Halo -- a sister company of Mophie -- which is already available and has been for some time. The Bolt Wireless also has 44,400Wh of power, also has wireless charging and USB charging ports and also comes with jump leads to start your car. The Mophie version has been launched at CES 2020 in Las Vegas and will go on sale on the company's website on Jan. 9 for $160.

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